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    The Church and Eating Disorders

    As I previously mentioned I was given the opportunity to speak to my church family at Glenwood Church of Christ about mental health and eating disorders. It was wonderful to begin the dialogue that needs to happen in our churches. It’s important for the church, individually and corporately, to learn about eating disorders and to learn how to respond and how to help those who are struggling. Because the issues of eating disorders affects everyone. EVERYONE, from young children to elderly men and women. FIRST, it’s important to know that there are clinical eating disorders (such as anorexia nervosa, binge eating disorder, bulimia nervosa, etc), but there is also disordered…

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    How Does the Church hurt those with Mental Health Issues?

    This week I had the opportunity to talk at Glenwood Church of Christ, my home church, in Tyler, Tx, about mental health needs in our community. In addition to another local therapist and local chaplain, we were asked questions and given the opportunity to discuss the issues we see in our work. We were also given the chance to share how we think the church could help those that suffer from mental illness. Specifically, what does the church do that hurts and how can the church help? What a wonderful, much needed conversation! I wanted to share some points from the discussion and continue the dialogue. What does the church…

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    My Righteous Anger

    In the past 2 days, I’ve spoken with 3 different, BEAUTIFUL, amazing women that I respect and love so deeply. These are women that are beautiful in every sense of the word…. They are strong, they are caring, they are deep, they are funny, they are brilliant, they are light in a dark world, they are a breath of fresh air to me…. and did I mention they are beautiful? Each one of these women that I love so deeply all have different body shapes. They all have different hair color, hair texture, eye color, pant size, weight, health struggle, body type. But they each spoke of the intense pain…

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